Passion Citrus Iced Tea

Sweet Iced tea well flavored. If you try this recipe, trust me, you will never make it another. At first I just wanted to make a citrus iced tea but at the same time I did not want my passion fruit I had go waste because I was takin too long to use it. When I say I barely had one full glass, Trust me. Yohan and his Dad drank most of it. Well I am certainly doing another batch after I post this recipe. So here is a recipe for 2.5 : Yohan (1) , Hubby (1), The Nanny and I (0.5) 😂


🍃4 tea bags

🍃4 cups of water

🍃8 tbsp sugar

🍃2 passion fruit

🍃1 grape fruit

🍃2 lime


      ✨Pour the water into a pot

✨Add the tea bags and the sugar

✨Open the passion fruit and add the seeds into the water

✨Put the pot on the stove on medium heat, when it starts boiling turn it off and let it cool down

✨In the meantime, extract the grapefruit and lime juices

✨Put the juices in the tea mixture

✨Drain the drink to remove the tea bags and the passion fruit seeds

🍃Optional you can save some fresh passion fruit in the beginning, couple grapefruit slices and lime for garnish

✨Put the drink in the refrigerator until it is cold (at least 5 hours) or if you are in a hurry like me, serve it over ice and a bit more sugar.

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