Parsley – Garlic Lamb

Yes! I am back again with a Lamb recipe. Lamb is my favorite meat and if I had the means, I would completely replace beef with lamb in all my menus. The meat is so tender and does not require a lot of time cooking. The flavor and aroma hit the right spot for me. Cooking Lamb for a family of 4 is indeed affordable but for more than that my bank card will scream.

Ingredients for 2 

?Lamb Shank 2 lbs
?Garlic 4 cloves
?Parsley 1/2 bunch
?Salt 1 tsp
?Black Pepper 1 tsp
?Thyme 1 tsp
?Mustard 1 tbsp
?Oil 1 tbsp
?Vinegar 1 tbsp
?Onion 2
?Tomato 2
?Laurel leaves 3
?Dried Turmeric leaves (kablê) 1/5
?Green onion 3 sprigs
?Water 2 cups

✨Chop parsley & garlic finely. If not they will fall off when you marinate the meat.
✨Add salt, pepper, thyme, mustard, oil and vinegar.
✨Mix everything and put on the lamb for 30 mins at least so the flavor can enter into the meat.
✨ Fry the lamb on an heated pan with oil on all sides and put it on a baking dish.

✨Cut the onions and tomato in 4.

✨Add water, onion, tomato, laurel, kablê (dried Tumeric leaves), green onion and more salt to convenience.
✨Bake for 2 hours at 350 F.

Serve and Bon Appetit!

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