Basilic Lamb

A simple and easy recipe. I did not put garlic in it because I did not want it to overpower the basilic.

Ingredients for 2

?Lamb roast 4,5 lbs
?Basilic 2 bunches
?Parsley 1/2
?Green onion 1
?Bell pepper 1
?Lime juice 2
?Onion 1
?Black Pepper
?Olive oil
?Cube seasoning 1
?Beef Stock 250 ml
?Water 250 ml


-Squeeze the 2 lime to extract the juice.

-Blend the pepper, half the basilic, green onion, parsley, black pepper, salt, 4 tbsp olive oil, lime juice and the seasoning cube.

-Rinse the lamb roast and remove the excess of water .

-Put the mixture on the lamb and place it into a bag.

-Close the bag, put it into the fridge and let marinate for at least 8 hours or overnight.

-After 8 hours remove it from the fridge.

-Into a pan put some oil and fry the lamb on every side until it is golden brown.


-Place the roast into a baking dish

-Cut the onion in 4 and put into the dish, put the remaining of the basilic, the water and the beef stock.

-If you do not have beef stock, dilute 2 beef cubes into 250 ml of water.

-Bake it at 375 for 2 hours.

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