Taste of Africa Brunch

On February 1st 2020, Taste of Africa brunch took place to celebrate the debut of Black history month. Guests upon entry of the venue had the opportunity to get a taste of refreshing juices: Tamarind and Bissap (Hibicus juice) . Hibiscus juice was done according to our recipe available on the blog. Some of our guests tired Tamarind juice for the first time.

While savoring their juices, Sir Quinton Jenkins shared some beautiful poetry on black history with us. In the meantime appetizers were passed out with shrimp served separately to prevent any allergic reactions.

Guests had the menu in front of them and were asked to choose their entrée and side that would be served as a full plate. The second entree that was not chosen was served also but as a smaller portion for them to taste. We understood that people may wan to try everything and made that option available. The guests loved it and love the idea to pick their own side dish too.

For the main dishes we had Leg of Lamb roasted and Broiled Mackerel, all seasoned with African spices. For the sides we had Riz au gras (Ivorian Jollof style rice) and Attiéké ( grated cassava couscous).

We had 2 versions of vegetables, steamed (carrots, corn, cabbage) and salad style (onion, tomato, cucumber). The salad style usually goes well with the cassava couscous and the steamed with the rice, but majority of the guests requested both on the plate.

Dessert time!!! The guests got to try both. Fruit salad marinated in lime/orange juice and Dêguê. Dêguê is a sweet millet porridge mixed with yogurt and milk well appreciated in West Africa.

We had 2 raffle winners for the big prizes, but since everybody is a winner with Sinaba Food all the guest got a present. .It was either our personalized face towel or delicious hibiscus Jam.

The brunch ended up with pictures taken at the photo booth and couple dance moves shared.

The whole experience was a success and we are already for the next edition!

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